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The Pitfalls of Hiring the Wrong Ghostwriter

After struggling to do it all yourself, you’ve finally decided that if you’re going to have enough time to create new products, as well as look after the customers you already have, then you’ll have to concentrate on your core business. Much as you’d like to do it all yourself, you’ve realized that if you’re…

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The Benefits of Hiring the Right Copywriter

The benefits of hiring the right copywriter cannot be overstated. Doing so will save you time and money. And you’ll know as an entrepreneur that both are indispensable to your success. Wasting either, never mind both, can not only damage your business, but also put an end to it. That being the case, it’s surprising…

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The Irony of Fanfare

Giving to charity is admirable. It’s something that we should all do, even if it’s only a little bit. There is enough to go around; but we have to share it. There’s enough food on the planet to feed everyone, and the technology is there to make sure that everyone has clean water, too. It’s…

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Under No Illusions

Years ago, an acquaintance told me of an event in his house that left him both excited and spooked. He was the only one at home and yet he could smell freshly baked bread coming from another part of the house. This caused him to believe that his house was haunted and that a previous…

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You’re Not Superstitious, Are You?

You’re probably not superstitious; but you may know someone who is. And if you do, then you might want to direct him or her to this post. You see there is a good reason why people are superstitious and, once you know the reason, you can defeat it instead of letting it continue to control…

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The Lie of Political Correctness

Western culture has a problem. I suppose that it has been there for longer than we realize. I’m sure that the Internet is responsible for spreading it, and that same form of communication is equally at fault for maintaining it. What is it? Lying to yourself Now there are a lot of ways that this…

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